A 1 million euro super robot helps Speedd to grow

Speedd invests in the latest generation of robotics to achieve new sales targets.

"Today's customers are increasingly demanding, accustomed to super-fast services offered by the big names in the sector such as Amazon," says Tiziano Lelio, CEO of the company. "To enter this sector, an entrepreneur must know in advance that customers expect impeccable service very quickly.

3,000 orders per day is a great challenge to manage and Speedd is aware that it cannot extend the guaranteed delivery time in 48-72 hours. For this reason the company has decided to invest capital in the purchase of an intelligent robot that will speed up the entire workflow, from storage of the goods to shipping.
is the first company in Europe to invest in this technology. What can I say, we can't wait to see this wonderful machine in operation... stay tuned!