Liu Jo, woman with a bon ton or rock and roll style?

Every woman is a princess and the well-known Italian brand Liu jo wants to enhance her femininity and beauty with its products.
So here comes on a line of Liu jo trainers with glamorous features and elegant design, suitable for any occasion from the most informal to the most sought after thanks to the rhinestone details.
But the real highlight is the casual shoe that the famous fashion house has released in two variants: the French one to represent all those women with a romantic and bon ton soul and the amphibious one to characterize the girls with the most decided and rock and roll style.

Both variants dress perfectly and the fit is quick thanks to the side zip for the amphibious and the elasticated opening for the French girls.
Both versions are completely versatile, perfect with skirts, shorts, an elegant dress or trousers... all that remains to be decided is what you want to make them feel about you, your romantic soul or the rocker one? Let your shoes do the talking!